The ‘Wealthy’ Lifestyle – Goal-Setting Essentials for Action

So many of us are concerned with health these days. I find that we lose sight of what it means to actually be ‘healthy’. Not only that, we also get stuck in a state of health-creation & not wealth-creation.

Let’s dig in shall we?

It’s important to define things before we pretend to know what we’re talking about. Don’t you think it’s incredulous how many experts  there are that are thoroughly unqualified? … yet those that are qualified speak just as much gibberish as the next.

Health is a sufficient balance of nutrients, stressors & relationships in its broadest sense. Wealth is generally a financial matter far too complex to process & is left as an imaginary fallacy. Supposedly, health & wealth management are all a gamble & we might as well not try to do better because there’s no certainty of us actually achieving our goal.


Before I continue, you may be wondering what all of this has to do with a ‘gym’. This is a place for muscle-building & endurance-junkies that don’t want to spend their time at home & have next to little grey matter. Well, keep reading & hopefully you’ll catch our drift.

What does it take to live a ‘wealthy’ lifestyle?



Before we get to work, why do you think this doesn’t work?
There’s a few reasons I’d like to lay on you:
  • Poor Planning
  • Rigid Mindsets
  • Apathy (or Lethargy)

Before you keep reading, write down a goal you would do anything to achieve. Maybe now you’ll understand why it does work!! If not, keep reading.

2. Discipline

Have you written down your goal yet?

If you have, you’re already getting the hang of this section. If not, maybe you need to get serious about what you want to achieve…

Discipline is not about instant gratification nor a naive pursuit of normalcy.

Now you need to write down 2-3 ACTIONS you need to do at least once a week to achieve your goal.

If you don’t know, don’t let that be your excuse – find out! And then get to work.


Okay, everyone likes this word but what does it mean to you?
Seriously, my celebration is totally different to yours so you better define how you celebrate so you can use it to get to the end!
For example, I love to go out for a great meal with connections/family/colleagues to celebrate, enjoy a long run/hike/cycle/swim out in the fresh outdoors or just sit & relax, listen to good music or read. These are all different types of celebration, each appropriate to the result that was achieved. 
PS. When the tough gets going, this is what’ll keep you going! (and make you tough[er])
I believe that a physical transformation should result in development in hopefully every other aspect of your life!
What do you think?
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